Case Study 1

Installing Heavy Sealed Units

This job in Seattle, USA, involved lifting large, heavy and potentially dangerous sealed units into a 3 story new build in cold and wet conditions, with restricted stair access, rough and unstable ground conditions and plenty of interested company onlookers.

As it was a ‘first time’ use of the EAZI LIFTER Window Crane it created quite a bit of interest amongst the company’s management, hence the number of onlookers.

The job was scheduled for two teams, four men - two trucks and their equipment, and to be completed in half a day. After only two hours, with two men, it was done!

No injuries, sprains, strains, lacerations or damage to the product or property.

That extra truck and two installers will now be used on other jobs, improving company productivity, use of resources and importantly - the Bottom Line.

The Starting Point Attaching Lifters to Glazing First Lift
Guiding Over Ledge Operating The EAZI LIFTER The Completed Job

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