Case Study 2

Heavy Hardwood Window

Installing large, heavy and non-deglazable hardwood windows into a new build timber framed building on a cold windy day in North Wales.

The new build premises with no stair access and unstable ground conditions presented serious problems to the installers. Getting the product up into position and having it supported whilst fixing was one issue, but often the aperture had to be modified to accept the window frame and letting the crane take the weight was a real benefit, no lowering to the ground whilst changes were made.

This job needed extreme care in the lifting and handling of very expensive hand made hardwood frames and was of great concern to the manufacturer and installer businesses.

They called upon the Harnser Team who as, shown in the photo sequence below, demonstrated the EAZI LIFTER ’s potential and soon became a convert and another satisfied client.


Position the Crane Check for Level Lift Raise the Window  
Guide with Tapes Window into Reveal Lift complete  

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