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What Others Say

We place great faith in supplying and servicing our customers. We work with each of them to find out their needs and provide guidance and adaptation to create the best possible solution to their lifting issues.

Many clients simply want to ensure that they give a safe option to their employees whilst at the same time improve the working practices and efficiency of their operation. The Eazi Lifter window hoist gives that result and peace of mind in the process.

Here are a just a few comments we have had over the years ...

"We have had an increase in incidents involving ladders and Harnser Solutions gave us a way to solve this with the Eazi Lifter"

"The accountant was happy as we now have a reduced insurance bill!"

"Our fitters think the Eazi Lifter is the bees knees! They go home less tired and grumpy"

"If only the Harnser people had invented this 3 years ago I would not have fallen off my ladder and been off work for 6 months!"

"Harnser Solutions are very helpful, working with us to get the best out a contract we had in Liverpool. The Eazi Lifter meant we could get the windows in a block of flats much quicker and with less effort"

"We were sceptical at first and our fitting teams were reluctant to try the Eazi Lifter but once we decided to give it a go we do not know how we managed without one before"




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